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No more boring MCLE, we promise. The WBA prides itself on providing informative and engaging seminars, ranging from the annual 'Clash of the Titans' consumer law event to the criminal law events based on true-crime Netflix documentaries and shows. Click below to learn more.


An entire community, at your fingertips. The WBA hosts a Facebook Group with an impressive 2,200+ members. Community updates, job opportunities, and case referrals are just some of the daily posts. Click below to join.


Events you actually want to attend. The WBA community is large, warm, and welcoming. We span all areas of the law and encourage all legal professionals, from law students to retired judges, to join. Click below to learn more.



Est. 2011

The Westside Bar Association was founded with the intent of creating a dramatically different bar association experience.

Our MCLE seminars are designed to be both engaging and informative. Events are handcrafted to deliver, not only worthwhile legal insight, but done in an engrossing fashion. Often, our events will piggy back on recent events or releases of true-crime documentaries. 

Our networking events are welcoming. Each event has a sense of warmth and community to it and each is held in an upscale or chic venue that our members would like to attend. We welcome all legal professionals, from 1L law students to retired judges and invite you to look at our gallery to see their smiling faces. 

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