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WBA Mixers

Warm, friendly, organic.

Networking you'll actually enjoy.

Let's admit it, networking is part of the profession. Unfortunately, for many lawyers, it's become a forced and necessary evil. Thankfully, there's a better way. 


The WBA was founded on the premise that lawyers actually want to have fun and enjoy themselves... what a concept! With every one of our mixers, it's our goal to provide you with an inviting and natural environment where you can make meaningful connections, rather than forced handshakes and awkward introductions. 

Our networking events are held at some of the most chic venues in Los Angeles, including Mr. C, The Waldorf Astoria, the W Hollywood. It is not uncommon that our members comment that they've been meaning to attend these venues and were delighted that we hosted an event there. 


Our membership is free. Simply join our Facebook Community or signup via email.


Join via Facebook

Our Facebook community has over 2,200 members providing support to one another. Case referrals, job postings, and event updates are just a few of the topics discussed.


Join via Email

While we recommend joining our Facebook Community Group Page, professionals are also welcome to keep up to date about our events via email. 

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