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An experience you won't find anywhere else

No more boring MCLE, we promise.

The WBA was founded to provide our members with a dynamic and engaging experience. Each event is handcrafted to, not only provide valuable legal insights, but to do so in an engaging manner. 

To that end, we host events a little differently. We ask ourselves, "what would be both informative and exciting for our members?" As a result, many of our seminars relate to current events or recently released documentaries, such as the Netflix Documentary, 'Amanda Knox.' Around the time of the documentary, the WBA held one of our first criminal law events, titled 'Injustice.' The event had over 500 people in attendance and was covered by the local news. 

Similarly, during our annual consumer law event, 'Clash of the Titans,' three decorated trial attorneys are asked to provide the audience with their best closing arguments. The audience then gets to vote on who had the best delivery, offering both an insightful and engaging experience. 

Moreover, our events are inexpensive. The WBA has no membership fee and we keep ticket costs to our events as low as possible That way, our events are inclusive to all legal professionals regardless of where they are in their careers.


Our membership is free. Simply join our Facebook Community or signup via email.


Join via Facebook

Our Facebook community has over 2,200 members providing support to one another. Case referrals, job postings, and event updates are just a few of the topics discussed.


Join via Email

While we recommend joining our Facebook Community Group Page, professionals are also welcome to keep up to date about our events via email. 

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